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Bob Ost/Wildly Productive Productions, Sheila Simon Geltzer, Alma Villegas and Rough and Ready LLC in association present 

a musical remembrance

by James R. Harris

Featuring the songs of the period,

original arrangements by Mark Hayes

Directed by Dennis Courtney

Musical Director Laura Bergquist

The Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865, one of the darkest periods in American history, with Americans tragically shedding the blood of fellow Americans. The Sesquicentennial remembrance of those years will begin in 2011, with cities throughout the United States holding commemorative events. We hope to make Civil War Voices a part of this commemoration, bringing the pages of history to theatrical life, making this war visceral and immediate.

"A soul-stirring crowd pleaser ...

splendidly entertaining." BackStage

Photos: Ellis Gaskell

Cast Photos Include:

Danielle Lee Greaves* Stephen Hope* Dani Marcus* Michael Markham

Arthur W. Marks* Michael Sample* Stephen Trafton* Catherine Fries Vaughn* Bruce Warren* Carly Zien*

*Member of Actors Equity Association


Midtown InternationalTheatre Festival


Outstanding Production of a Musical

Outstanding Direction

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play or Musical (2)

Outstanding Music & Lyrics

Outstanding Costume Design Outstanding Ensemble Performance Outstanding Choreography

Outstanding Show Marketing & Advertising


Outstanding Production of a Musical:

Bob Ost/Wildly Productive Productions, Sheila Simon Geltzer,

Alma Villegas and Rough and Ready LLC

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical: Stephen Hope

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical: Danielle Lee Greaves

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play or Musical: Arthur Marks

Outstanding Costume Design: Janell Berte

Outstanding Show Marketing & Advertising: Bob Ost & Gary Hughes

Here’s what the theater industry had to say:

"Brings the War Between the States to life in text and song…. Beautifully sung…. Quite touching."


"Stirring, delicately staged, and choreographed. Movingly sung. Great orchestrations. Can you tell I really really loved it. There should be life for this piece!! It brings the magnitude of that period down to a human level. Bravo!"

Cheryl Wiesenfeld, producer (A Steady Rain, Legally Blonde, The Exonerated, Elaine Stritch: At Liberty)

"A wonderful production. I was entertained, moved and enlightened. The ensemble is first class - perfectly cast: looks, voice and acting. The use of the stage, the costumes and lights were excellent."

Ken Waissman, producer (original Grease, Torch Song Trilogy, Agnes of God) (original Grease, Torch Song Trilogy, Agnes of God)

 "It was very moving and enlightening, and really the best show I’ve seen at any of the NYC festivals in a long time."

Mark Hollman, composer (Urinetown)

"The show has such incredible flow, the story is so beautifully told - you know how seldom we see a well-written book these days and to construct a good story out of diaries and songs is pretty impressive. The show’s structure is so simple and so emotional - it’s really excellent."

Toni Hart, writer

A fluid compilation of historical text, drawn from diaries, letters, and other Civil War–era writings, and period songs, arranged by Mark Hayes, "Civil War Voices" is a soul-stirring crowd pleaser. Created by James R. Harris, the 90-minute show is deftly performed by 10 terrific actor-singers, well-staged by director-choreographer Dennis Courtney, and energetically accompanied by violinist Austin Hartman and musical director Laura Bergquist on keyboard ... Splendidly entertaining."


"From the moment the haunting strains of the violin and piano begin, you know you are in for something special.… stirring, emotionally driven, powerfully written words … A stellar cast. It is impossible, to single out just one performer, as this ten person multitalented group displays superb vocals and adds a realism that makes you feel their joys and their pains. Director Dennis Courtney understands the use of understatement and … allows the stories to stand on their own … You will leave the theatre enlightened, renewed and singing Dixie."

Times Square Chronicle

"The history of the Civil War has never been presented so creatively as in this production written by Jim Harris…. Hardships, chilling stories of battle and death, injustices and hope for the future are all cleverly intertwined with songs of the period, newly arranged by Mark Hayes…. Spectacular music, a total of 17 songs, woven in and through the actual dialogue… sung by a stellar cast with poignancy and inspiring emotions…. Creatively staged and directed by Dennis Courtney … grand authentic costuming by Janell Berte…. Civil War Voices is an essential piece of American history."

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