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I fell in love with the arts during my adolescent years. That passion for theater, has taken me into a wonderful journey that began in the Theater Department at the University of Puerto Rico. It continued on to Bretton Hall College of the Arts in England where I studied Medieval, Renaissance, Shakespearean and Restoration Theater.  
I attended New York University's Department of Music and Performing Arts, where I earned a doctoral degree in Educational Theater.  I also pursued the Method of Physical Action Acting Technique from the world renowned theater director Sonia Moore at The American Center for Stanislavski Theater Art in New York.
I consider myself very blessed because I have studied with some of the major seminal figures in Alternative Theater.  These artists were Augusto Boal, Theater of the Oppressed, Brazil; John Hodgson ,Improvisation 

and Educational Theater, England;
Dr. Lowell Swortzell, Educational Theater, NYC; Dr. Nellie McCaslin, Creative Drama in the Classroom, NYC; Richard Schechner, Performing Arts, NYC; Sonia Moore, Physical Actions Technique, NYC; Dr. Robert J. Landy, Drama Therapy, NYC; Grupo Teatro Escambray, Cuba, and Enrique Buenaventura and Santiago Garcia, two important figures in Alternative Theater in Colombia, among others.
In theater production, I studied with the best through the Commercial Theater Institute's Three Day Seminar and 14 Weeks Seminar.  The Commercial Theater Institute is a project of the Theatre Development Fund and The League of American Theaters and Producers, Inc. I also participated in the Producer Development Program sponsored by The League of American Theatre an Producers. Currently, I am a member of the Career Producers Group which is part of TRU's Producer Development Program.
I am a member of The Dramatist's Guild and Theater Resources Unlimited.
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